Privacy Policy

The official privacy policy here at Radial Design Group. Here we will share with you the information that we collect from visitors here on our website and will let you know which information may be shared with third parties. This policy can change without notice.

This isn’t your standard Privacy Policy you will find on other websites. Nobody really cares about all the legal mumbo jumbo and pretty much just want to know what the hell you’re doing but in layman’s terms which are simple to understand. So we’ll do just that for you. You might find our privacy policy to be one of the best on the net so read up. These policies will change over time without notice so it’s always good to come back and update yourself on the latest privacy policy we have here at Radial Design Group.

Services That We Use

When it comes to the services which we use which collect personal information pretty much all we really use is Google Analytics. It let’s us know when people arrive on our website, what pages they visit and tells us if they performed certain actions on the website. This information is valuable to us because it let’s us know where we can better place buttons or navigation so you just don’t get up and bounce on us to a competitors website. That’s always bad, we try to give you the best navigation experience so we like to find out where people are running into roadblocks.

I may sometimes share charts on how well the site is doing with others but these charts never have any personal information it on, just lines, numbers and dates. Pretty innocent stuff.

We Might Disclose Your Email Address

Sometimes in acquiring new work here at Radial Design Group a customer will ask us for references in their area who they can check with to measure the quality of work which you already received from us. In these cases we will try to provide a few email addresses to them where they might email you asking about us and the work which we performed for you. References are used in any job so we may use you or your business as a reference when you live in the general area of the prospective customer were talking with or if their business relates closely to your own. If you prefer us not to provide your email address to anyone you can email us at [email protected] and let us know and we’ll be sure not to give your email address to anyone seeking references.

Payment Processors

We have noticed that our payment processors store email addresses. This is something that is completely out of our control and we are in no way responsible for the data which they collect about you or your business. They also save information such as transaction history, I swear their worse than the NSA but their multi billion dollar companies which have incredibly powerful security standards so we have faith that they can protect your data. We do love them though, without them we wouldn’t be able to do business on the internet.

When you successfully complete a project here at Radial Design Group the email connected with this payment processor is also sent to our mailing list. The information which is transferred include your first and last name and your email address. This information is relayed to a company which we use called MailChimp which manages our mailing list. We abide by all laws when it comes to spam and since you have done business with us we are permitted under the law to send you further correspondence. If you rather opt out of these emails then let us know by sending an email to [email protected] and we’ll block your email address from our list.

If you happen to receive an email from this list we do include convenient unsubscribe links at the bottom of the email to remove yourself from the list. If you do additional business with us you will be added back to this list again. We don’t have control over the Paypal / Mailchimp API so letting us know you don’t want to be on this list we can prevent that from happening by permanently excluding your email address from that list.

Email Authentication

You can be rest assured that you will never receive any email from addresses using our domain name which didn’t legitimately come from us. All our emails are authenticated using SPF and DKIM authentication along with DMARC rules which we have set to reject all emails which don’t pass the first two tests. If someone attempts to use our domain names in emails they will fail doing so so you will not receive any spear phishing attempts from any of our domain names. All emails received using our domain names are authentic. There is no need to report any suspicious emails to us, this is already done and we receive reports at [email protected] letting us know of attempts to use our domain names in an unauthorized manner. Upon receipt of a report we will serve each person with a cease and desist orders delivered by our attorneys.